Headboard for wonderland beds

Nomitated for "form and expression", by Bonytt 2014


A unique headboard with flexible cushions to move around the bed

This project was a collaboration with the Norwegian company Wonderland Beds. They wanted a product for the future bedroom, that could be a signature element for their brand, and get attention in stores. 

The result is a module based headboard that is flexible and easy to change. The solution consists of cushion that can be moved around the bed. This allows people to make their own customized individual variation. This solution builds on Wonderlands key value “Unique people, unique beds”. You can customize your own colors, sizes and functions on the cushions, to fit your needs. This gives a complete solution of both a bed and a sofa and can adjust to different spheres, private or social, work or sleep. It also provides comfortable seating for different situations.

This was a group project at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design / Spring 2014






The cushions

The idea is that you buy as many cushions as you need. The cushions can be bought with various functions, such as a speaker and a lamp. You can also get easily accessible storage in the cushions. The owner can grow with the headboard - if you get a child you can buy a new storage cushion and if you get divorced you can take half the headboard with you.

Materials: Textile and white powder coated steel



Testing in context

We brought the headboard to a bed store and tested it next to other beds. We found out that it definitely draws attentions to Wonderland as a brand and stands out on the bed market.




When imagining the future bedroom, we could see increased urbanisation, small living, multifunctional, flexible and open spaces, and a change from a private to a more sosial sphere. Todays bedrooms don't keep up with this resent development and we see a potential to solve new needs, by utilizing the headboard and implement functionality.


We worked paralell with sketches and fast prototypes during the concept fase. When later in the process deciding on proportions, functions and details, we worked with 1:1 prototypes and material samples.