in circles

Won 1st prize & Customers prize at Bolia Design Award 2016

Manufacturer: Bolia


A lamp that provides the possibility to adjust the direction of the light

In circles is almost like a sculpture when it hangs from the ceiling. The arc and the circular lights creates a closed frame that can express symmetrical order or be twisted and asymmetrical. The lights can be rotated to light up a specific area or to spread light in a whole room. The lamp consists of a frame in painted metal or brass and two circular LED lights inside metal shells.

Designed by me for Engvall & Moen Design Studio / Spring 2016







The need for light is very different in different everyday situations. During a meal or studying light is usually needed directly on the tabletop. While an evening with wine request a more subtle lighting.

How can one lamp solve all these needs in an intuitive and elegant way?