A group of objects that invite you to enjoy a cup of coffee in a new way

The project resulted in a coffee table in a ash wood, together with a kettle and a ladl in ceramic. The coffee is served by scooping, which eliminates heavy lifting and angulations while serving your guests. The table has, like the Japanese tea tables, a hole in the centre of the tabletop, where the kettle stands. The walls are covered in heath preserving foam textile, to keep the beverage warm longer.

An unexpected design feature is that the tabletop is a little bit bent, which adds dynamic to the expression, but with the surface still stable enough for cups. The kettle and the ladl share the same main shape and proportions, to create a design familiarity. The ladl is designed to come close to the inside of the kettle and the handle is angled for easy use. The kettle has a handle for carrying and a lid to preserve the heat.

The objects were designed at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, together with Line Marie Moen Syversen / Fall 2015






The project was originally created for elderly, but is designed for everyone. Something not so unexpected that we found out in our research, is that many old people like to have guests over for coffee. The problem however, is that it’s getting harder and harder to serve the coffee, with the age. The kettle is often heavy, and the lifting and pouring movement is absolutely not ideal for someone with weak wrists.

We looked at other cultures to widen our perspective on different ways to serve coffee. Our attention was caught in the Asian and especially Japanese tea ceremony, were people of all ages prepare and serve tea, like an art of performance. Our project resulted in a modern coffee table that connects and brings useful elements from the eastern tea ceremony to our Scandinavian culture.