Exhibited at the FSC Design Award in Copenhagen 2014 and in the top 5 at Mad & Bolig Design Award 2014.


Luta is a sustainable makeup table. This project was very "hands on", meaning that I designed the product while learning to work with wood as a material. My goal was to make a sustainable and aesthetically interesting product, using FSC certified wood.

The piece is assembled in a few very easy steps, without any screws and can just as easily be turned back into a platpack, which is very beneficial during transport. The name comes from the function and Luta translates "to lean" in Swedish. The legs have different length to create asymmetric and dynamics, but with the natural oak the overall impression is simple and soft. The longer leg touches the wall, to keep the shelf in place and the shorter leg is equipped with a mirror, that can be easily removed if wanted. The mirror is adjustable to fit your height and the longer leg has useful hooks, perfect for jewellery or keys.

The table is an individual project from my exchange period at the Aarhus School of Architecture / Fall 2014







When I looked at other objects that stand by leaning, I noticed that they all had more then one point that touched the wall. By having two or more touchpoints, where one is above the center of gravity, the object gets much more stable and the chance of it falling is prevented.



During this project I worked mostly with prototypes, both small and full scale. This method was very useful when deciding on proportions, radii, angles etc.