packaging concept - nutrilett

Third place winner - Orkla Innovation Prize 2015


A new packaging for Nutrilett Weight Loss Powder

The concept consists of an outer bag in cardboard, containing the small meal-bags inside. The bags are made of paper and have a plastic window glued on. The windows has the shape of the meal and the powder inside is visible.

The new packaging looks more like a bag of healthy food and not chemicals. The natural and organic look gives you a closer feeling to a regular meal. It is easier to bring to work without being embarrassed. The content is visible already on the shelf and radiates honesty to the customer. That together with the graphics makes it much clearer when combining different flavors and meals. The outer cardboard bag will look interesting and different compared to similar products on the shelf.

One week project at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design / Fall 2015






The big packaging company Orkla presented a brief for the class: A new creative packaging for their "Nutrilett Weight Loss Powder". The product is made from natural ingredients, but the customer thinks it is made of chemicals. How can the packaging communicate heathy, natural content that feels like an actual meal?


The box has too much information and no hierarchy on the text. It does not look natural and is not standing out on the shelf. The bags inside look like they contain chemicals instead of food, especially since the content i hidden. The bags are not nice to have visible at home or to bring as your work lunch.




Inspired by bags with a see through window. It look more honest and tempting when you can see the content.