three packaging concepts - omega 3

The big packaging company Orkla presented a brief for us: A new creative packaging for their "Möllers Tran Omega 3". Their customers had started to doubt the pureness of the product, so Orkla wanted a new packaging that communicated naturalness and the connection to the sea.

One week project at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design together with Line Marie Moen Syversen / Spring 2016

1. Movement illusion

We discovered a magical effect: The oil creates an illusion of movement and magnification, when rolled over a pattern. In the concept, we use fishes that really look like they are swimming around(must be seen on video, here). We sketched on different ways to integrate this effect into the packaging, one example underneath.


2. Magnet

The packaging has a magnet on the back and can be stored on the fridge. This way it’s visible in the morning and easier to remember. To get the Omega 3, you twist the lid and 2 capsels fall into your hand, more hygienic than putting your fingers inside.


3. Stamp

The lid has an integrated stamp with different motives from the ocean. This gives the brand a connection to the sea and creates a natural image. The stamp can be fun for kids and they can keep up with everyone in the family’s Omega 3 rutines.