other projects

Here is a glimse of some other projects that I have done during my studies.




leaf lamp

A lamp inspired by falling leaves, that spreads the light in a unique way.

Inspired by the autumn transition, we aimed to create a light and floating expression, just like a leaf. By spreading the light in a soft way, the lamp creates a calm and beautiful reflection. The lamp consists of a base in painted metal, a LED light stick and a thin plastic reflector. The reflector is flexible and can be changed to spread as little or as much light as you want.

Engvall & Moen Design Studio / Spring 2016

Context picture: Fogia

Context picture: Fogia



wereable flashlight

A flashlight for outdoors that can be used in many different ways

The elastic strap can be pulled to one side or be the same length on both sides, depending on how you want to wear it. The LED is split up in two areas, one smaller circle in the middle with stronger and more direct light and the area around it with a softer and more spread light. Turn on the desired light buy tapping on the surface. 

This was a one week, individual project at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design / Fall 2015




chess for children

The assignment was to make a chess board for children, with pieces that could be produced by injection moulding. Our group decided to focus on the different ways the pieces move across the board, and make them more dynamic by reflecting their personality and movement in the design. Our concept was to trigger children’s imagination and make the game rules easier to understand.

This was a group project at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design / Spring 2013




spin bottle

The task was to create a bottle that would contain 2dl of a mix of tonic water and grapefruit juice. The production method should be blow molding. We designed a bottle that invites you to hold it in a new, more elegant way. You can use it to gesticulate with, spin it around, and feel it with your fingers. This gives you a more exclusive feel of the drink, similar to the way you play and circulate a cognac or whiskey glass.

This was a group project at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design / Spring 2013

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